words won't save your life

freshwater plimpie
1 October 1982
I'm a Libra. Look it up, it pretty much says it all.

I'm on Twitter basically 24/7, and I play on Tumblr as well.

1/5 of the Keysmash OT5. Writer/reader of fic. Ogler. Often overwhelmed by feelings and frequently unable to 'can'.
aquavirius maggots, architecture, autumn, baseball, bbc radio 1, bedroom concerts, beets, being nerdy, blibbering humdingers, bradley/colin, breakfast clique, bret hart, brian kinney, brian/justin, brownies, buffy singalongs, buffy the vampire slayer, capslock abuse, carson daly, chandler bing, charlize theron, cheap pens, cherry pie, chris capuano, cm punk, coffee mugs, corey hart, cosmic horn, crumple-horned snorkacks, dave the laugh, dead like me, denny/izzie, derek/stiles, details, dirigible plums, dorks, draco malfoy, dylan o'brien, dylan/hoechlin, dylan/posey bros4lyfe, fanfic, fanmixes, finchy/grimmers, flats, following titanium gray mazda3s, fruity porkchops, gale harold, gale's forearms, gale's snagglefang, gale/randy, georgia nicolson, ghetto-fabulous goddesses, going down the disco, grimmers, hair metal, harry 'actual popstar' styles, harry potter, harry/draco, harry/grimmers, harry/louis, heliopaths, hockey, hockey rpf, hummus, indoor soccer, inside jokes, jarveys, jim halpert, jim's one tear, john krasinski, jonathan thighzer, joss whedon, kaner/tazer, katherine moennig, let's go 'hawks, liam 'actual puppy' payne, lists, loser's lurgy, louis 'peter pan' tomlinson, luna lovegood, lyrics, matthew perry, merlin, middle names, milwaukee, milwaukee brewers, minerva mcgonagall, mix tapes, music, mutual admiration society, nail polish, nargles, nerds, neville longbottom, niall 'the craic' horan, non-profits, nuance, one direction, ottery st. catchpole, pink noise, potty/loony, puffskeins, pumpkin soup, pumpkins, queer as folk, radio 1 rpf, red bottomosity, rent the movie, rent the musical, ring of honor, romance novels, ron weasley, rps, runes, season 3 hair, severus snape, shane, shane's purple glasses, shoes, slash, slow kids at play, stars, super mario kart, teen wolf, the landmark, the office, the rotfang conspiracy, the stiff dylans, tiny mix tapes, to build a home, touring alpharetta gay country, tyler hoechlin, umgubular slashkilters, unspoken sexual tension, wards, wesley wyndam-price, whole grains, wicked, wonderfalls, wrackspurts, wrestling, writing, yogurt lid medals, you're the voice, zayn 'supermodel' malik